Cards dispenser and reloaders

    DRC9 – Vending

    Autonomous dispenser / reloader of magnetic cards for vending machines

    According to the Cartadis DRC9 Vending chosen, magnetic reloadable Cartadis cards can be sold and reloaded against coin and/or banknote insertion (see documentation) .

    With Cartadis DRC9 Vending and a set of Cartadis terminals, you can fit out a site for full “self-service” operation.

    Cartadis DRC9 Vending is available in wall version (DRC9 Vending) and pedestal version (DRC9 Vending STD).

    Download the documentation


    Automatic dispenser of any paper or plastic card in ISO7816 format

    These units are available in wall version (CD6/CD7) or pedestal version (CD6STD/CD7STD) and feature three ways of payment:

    • coins,
    • bills,
    • coins and bills.

    The CD6 is intended for paper card dispensing only, the CD7 for plastic cards.

    Download the documentation