Are Cartadis terminals compatible with all brands of copiers / MFP ?

Cartadis terminals are compatible with all copiers / MFPs equipped with a catch.

Does the terminal Cartadis manage different formats of copies ?

The terminals have Cartadis inputs required for the management of 4 formats. It must, however, that the copier provides the necessary information formats (user A4, A3, B & W, Color).

On terminals Cartadis magnetic card, what are the characteristics of the cards used ?

The magnetic cards are said using high energy, that is to say, they are resistant to accidental demagnetization (magnet, trombone …)

These cards are formatted Cartadis and can be issued only by Cartadis.

How to save cards to any value ?

Cartadis terminals have an entire built-in menu recording to settle on a value cards in copies or currency unit.

Is a map stored in a device can be used in one or several others ?

For security, Cartadis terminals are provided so that a card registered in one of them cannot work in another without any prior operation.

On the same site (or for the same client) it is obviously possible to make compatible all the terminals present through a simple and quick to implement.

Apart from the magnetic card, what other types of cards can be used in terminals Cartadis ?

Some Cartadis terminals can use smart cards and Mifare contactless cards.

As with magnetic cards, they require a specific Cartadis formatting.

Same cards can be used in office automation and vending ?

Yes. Note that in this case it is preferable to adjust terminals into the monetary units mode.

Does Cartadis terminals for the distribution are automatically compatible to all vending machine ?

Cartadis terminals are installed on the majority of dealers vending machines. They connect mainly on Executive and MDB modes.

They can operate in conjunction with a coin-changer or not.

Prints can be paid with Cartadis cards ?

Cartadis terminals enable the payment of prints sent in secured mode to somes multifunctions. Cartadis terminals are also compatible with Gespage print management solution. For further information, you can visit the website dedicated to Gespage solution www.gespage.com.

Can I print from the web to Gespage?

Yes, thanks to the add-Cloud Printing: You download the document via the dedicated website, and you recover when you want your document to the printer of your choice.

In automatic washing, what is the technology of the privative cards in use ?

These are Mifare cards featuring a private secured purse.

What are the prerequisites to use the payment module by credit card?

The equipment requires a TCP/IP network connection or to be connected via 3G network (3G modem option required).

What are the means of payment available on the washing terminals ?

Cartadis terminals are modular and offers a wide range of payment. Coin mechanism, banknote reader, programme Code, credit card reader by pin code and contactless, reader of privative Cartadis Mifare cards and Eurokey reader.

What types and brands of gantries does Cartadis TL12 support ?

 The Cartadis TL12 terminals are compatible with all gantries.