Cards dispenser and reloaders

    DRC9STD Vending

    Autonomous dispenser / reloader of magnetic cards for vending machines

    According to the Cartadis DRC9 Vending chosen, magnetic reloadable Cartadis cards can be sold and reloaded against coin and/or banknote insertion (see documentation) .

    With Cartadis DRC9 Vending and a set of Cartadis terminals, you can fit out a site for full “self-service” operation.

    Cartadis DRC9 Vending is supplied on a pedestal version (DRC9STD Vending).

    Download the documentation

    CD6/CD7 STD

    Automatic dispenser of any paper or plastic card in ISO7816 format

    This unit is available on a pedestal and features three ways of payment:

    • coins,
    • bills,
    • coins and bills.

    The CD6 is intended for paper card dispensing only, the CD7 for plastic cards.

    Download the documentation