Centralized management of accounts

cMDB (Cartadis Multi-Drop Bus) is the Cartadis MDB controller for Gespage. cMDB is the physical link connecting a vending machine to a Gespage server.

Gespage manages a database with user’s accounts. A user having an account on Gespage could pay a product dispensed by a vending machine from his wallet located on the Gespage server.

By using a cMDB, users could use their identification card to pay products from a vending machine. The same wallet located on Gespage is used for paying vending machine (VM) products or copies from a multifunction.

A contactless card reader has to be connected to a USB port of the cMDB to authenticate users at the multifunction (for example TCM2 or TCM3 contactless card readers).

Fully compatible with the MDB standard, it can be connected to any type of machines featuring a MDB connector like automatic vending machines, laundry controllers …




    cMDB is an ideal solution for campus where the same purse needs to be shared between prints and copies, washing machines, beverage or food payment.

    cMDB to pay at Vending and Washing Machines with your Gespage account.

    The Campus Solution to pay for ALL services with one Card

    Download the documentation