Payment by magnetic card


    Cartadis magnetic card reader for print management

    Cartadis TCRS magnetic card reader connected to a payment station enables the payment of prints by using a Cartadis magnetic card. The TCRS can be used with the management solution GESPAGE.

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    CPAD terminal is intended to be used with printing solutions.

    7 inch touch screen and user-friendly interface make it a terminal with high commercial potential and technology, enabling the development of many “kiosks” available to developers through its open architecture. The access can be secured by a code or by cards (optional readers TCM3, TCMA2-USB, TCRS).

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    Autonomous dispenser / reloader of magnetic cards for the payment  of copies and printings

    According to the Cartadis DRC9 chosen, magnetic reloadable Cartadis cards can be sold and reloaded against coin and/or banknote insertion (see documentation).

    Such cards are solely intended for the Cartadis terminals of access control and payment for MFPs and printers.

    With Cartadis DRC9 and a set of Cartadis terminals, you can fit out a site of several copiers for full “self-service” operation.

    This solution is particularly suitable in libraries, public sites, or educational environments.

    Reloading statistics (receipt on the current period, receipt from installation) and number of cards sold can be read by the person in charge of the unit and viewed on the screen, or downloaded via an USB key.

    Cartadis DRC9 is supplied on a pedestal (DRC9STD).

    Download the documentation