Payment for Carwash Gantry

Featuring a worthwhile design, the TL12 terminal provides pay-per-view services and payment modes. It is used for controlling a gantry and selling unit or subscription self-service washes.It also enables token dispensing and subscription card selling.


    Modular system

    • Configuration of the payment modes
    • Compatible with all carwash gantries
    • Customer loyalty with the subscription card
    • Card dispensing in option
    • Token dispensing in option


    Modes of payment

    • Coins
    • Tokens
    • Banknotes
    • RFID provate cards


    Caractéristiques techniques :

    • Dimensions: H158 x D40 x W48 cm
    • Weight: about 70 Kg according to the options
    • Power supply: 230V AC, 100W
    • 7-inch colour graphic display, waterproofkeyboard with capacitive keys.
    • 3 hopper models for token dispensing :
      • 19 à 26,4 mm (standard)
      • 16,25 à 20,9 mm (option)
      • 21 à 30 mm (option).
    Download the documentation