Token dispenser


    The DJ3 dispenser is fastened on a wall, up to 3 dispensing hoppers of token and a dispensing mechanism of subscription cards may be installed.

    Coin and banknote payments are available.

    The tokens dispensed are used to pay for the services of gantry washing, high pressure or vacuum. There are three hoppers for dispensing 3 types of tokens or giving change back. An anti-lock system of tokens ensures a reliable and lasting distribution. Dispensing runs at the speed of 4 to 5 tokens per second.

    • Dimensions: H85 x W65 x D40 cm
    • Weight: about 50 Kg according to the options
    • Max thickness of the wall: 35 cm
    • Power supply: 230V AC, 100W
    • 7-inch colour graphic display, waterproof keyboard with capacitive keys
    • 3 hopper models for token dispensing:o o 19 to 26,4 mm (standard)
      • 16,25 to 20,9 mm (optional)
      • 21 to 30 mm (optional).
    • Card dispenser mechanism dispensing any credit card-sized card.
    Download the documentation