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Multi-coin operated control unit for photocopiers

Multi-coin operated control unit for photocopiers


Flexibility, simplicity, robustness make it ideal for the sale of self-service photocopying.

Designed to be connected on all brands of copiers, the versatility of the CM4000 assures you a profitable and flexible investment regardless of the choice of equipment’s.

The CM4000 coin mechanism will facilitate the profitability of your copying equipment by its reliability in intensive self-service use.

Technical sheet

The CM4000 is a multi-coin operated control unit for photocopiers.

The CM4000 advantages

  • Allows 2 levels of rates.
  • Gives clear information of the remaining credit to the customer.
  • Supports 8 different coins.
  • Supplied with a key allowing free copies.
  • Standard printer link for printing of selling statistics.
  • Manages up to 4 copy formats (A4 / A3 / B&W / color) usable on adapted copiers only.
  • Can be installed either on the copier front face or on an optional pedestal (see overleaf).


Inserting coins causes money credit then the number of copies to be displayed.

Copies are taken by pressing the “copy” key on the copier (if the credit is sufficient).

The digital display counts each copy made.

It is not necessary to insert coins at each copy.

Setting prices and statistics

The CM4000 has programming keys allowing the selling prices of the copy formats to be set, and possibly decreasing tariffs.

The sales statistics are also accessible by the programming keys and displayed (or printed by means of the optional printer):

  • the total turnover,
  • the number of copies for each format,
  • the selling prices.

An optional cover with lock allows the cash-box, located inside CM4000, to be locked. The staff in charge of collection will proceed only by exchanging boxes without having access to the cash.

CM4000 pedestal

  • The CM4000 pedestal is an interesting optional equipment as it enables the coin mechanism to be perfectly steady, at the correct height and the best place.
  • Thanks to this equipment independent of the copier, the technician will have an easier installation as well as a better accessibility for copier service.
  • CM4000 fitted with a pedestal (height 80 cm).
  • Dimensions: Height 380 mm; Width 280 mm; Depth 100 mm.
  • Weight (empty): 7.5 kg.


  • Pedestal: Height 420 mm; Width 280 mm; Depth 300 mm (base). Cover for cash box.
  • 8 characters LED display