Printing Solutions for Business Company and Administration


Present in over 30 countries along with business and government, and with this experience, we have developed solutions to manage workflow and optimize costs of reproduction, combining confidentiality of documents and saving money. Cartadis meets your needs for user identification and for monitoring printing costs with printing solution software (Gespage).

Efficient solutions for the access control

Through these terminals, access control by identification codes, login or cards (magnetic, chip, contactless cards), we can advise and deploy a management system chosen today by many structures, for its reliability, simplicity of use and excellent value for money.


The range of Cartadis products meets your needs of identification, control and document security, including the MIFARE cards reader Tcm2, the cPad with touchscreen and the contactless card reader Tcm3 MIFARE or 125 kHz

Optimize your printing costs with the gespage solution

Gespage ensure rigorous management of printing and photocopying costs to the decision maker by providing a reliable and timely information, adjustable with an accuracy up to the unit cost of each printing machine, and real-time budgets monitoring by project, department, person. Size at the ready means of printing, and controlling the budget item make Gespage a real tool of control. The ODBC interface allows data export to Excel.logo-gespage-55px

A control solution for printing in compliance with authorizations of each, configurable by project, department, person, secure access to documents before they are printed with a code, a personal card or login. Gespage is not limited to printers, it also allows the management of unconnected copiers.

A friendly web interface allowing for easy handling and a smooth administration of the queue, the cost for each machine or configuration.