Solutions for Automatic vending


Cashless payment specialist, Cartadis offers to managers and manufacturers of Vending, reliable solutions for cashless paymenton the basis of electronic purse technology with magnetic, contactless or smart Cartadis cards.

The advantages of cashless payment

Integrate Cartadis solutions for cashless payments will increase the flexibility to adjust prices to the cents, but also by reducing the risk of damage to your property by vandalism.

The coin processing is replaced by the print out of a usable and accurate reporting to a real process of management control and budget monitoring for each machine.

Know-how with high added value for your customers

Mastering all Cartadis electronic payment technologies, provides you with a decisive capacity in your markets: the possibility for the end user based on the existing card system existing into the client structure.

TDA3 technology gives the possibility to your customers to subsidize consumers with flexibility and ease that will draw customers to your offer. Thus it is possible to implement a social policy of subsidy daily, weekly, monthly, per category of staff.