Our Values and Way of Thinking


In great respect for clients, Cartadis seeks to establish a genuine partnership with its distributors in order to set up a sustainable commercial success. Products reliability is part of the deal.

Respect and loyalty of its customers to distributors:

Cartadis strives to meet the expectations
of its customers and establish a real partner
relationship with its dealers, to build a sustainable
and dynamic commercial success.

Reliability of our products :

has always offered products adapted to the needs that
are reliable and durable, made Cartadis a reference
recognized as the best value market price.

Sense of service to the user :

Constantly offer new equipments, solutions and new capabilities that meet the needs of users, allows us to remain a leading player. Always in contact with the ground, the sense of service to the user is driving our innovation, guaranteeing the commercial success of current and future products.

Dynamic SME:

With an average size structure, teamwork ensuing releases innovation and service orientation.

« We believe that our values are the link between all the people who make the success of Cartadis. They should help motivate people to serve our customers, and new innovative products that will make tomorrow’s success like the yesterday’s one »