cBot 1.6.0

Cartadis - cBot 1.6.0 - cbot DN

New features

1. Customer journey

   ○ Add support for self-association of a card to an existing account.

   The availability of this feature depends on the server.

   For Gespage server, this feature is available from version v9.0.0


2. Payment

   ○ [Coin changer] Modify the condition for giving change

  • The new parameter amount_dispensable_source allows to tune the conditions to consider that the coin changer can give back change
  • The minimum number of coins per tube can now be modified thanks to the new parameter amount_dispensable_local_min_coins_per_tube


3. Admin menus

   ○ [Coin changer] Add the new menu “Edit tubes” to allow to manually modify the number of coins in tubes


Cartadis - cBot 1.6.0 - Capture 1.6.0


1. Customer journey

   ○ Fix an issue on inactivity timeout (copies were not resetting the inactivity timer)

   ○ [Cilantro] Fix a possible rounding issue on the displayed print job cost


2. MFP interface

   ○ Improve reliability in Konica Minolta interface


3. Payment

   ○ Improve bill reader detection on startup

   ○ [Coin changer] Do not display the change popup if cBot cannot give change


4. Statistics

   ○ Fix statistics on BW/Color counters for print jobs when forcing a color document into BW from a computer

   ○ Fix the reload amount to include the remaining cash reloading



For more information : A kiosk to pay print, copy and scan – Cartadis