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Card reader for photocopiers

Cartadis - Card reader for photocopiers - TCP2 1
Cartadis - Card reader for photocopiers - TCP2 2
Cartadis - Card reader for photocopiers - TCP2 1
Cartadis - Card reader for photocopiers - TCP2 2

Card reader for photocopiers


Copy management and copy vending of debit RFID or chip cards
The most economical model in the range.
The smart card reader TCP2 compatible to all photocopiers. Each copy made is debited from the card. When the card is empty the device is bloqued.
An Administration Card provides access to the programming of the copiers tariffs and loads the cards with the desired value, the visualization of statistical information.
The TCP2 MIFARE version, is compatible with Gespage network software solution.

Technical sheet

TCP2 is a card reader for photocopiers.

Dedicated to management and vending of cards preprogrammed with copies, the Cartadis TCP2 can be fitted to any make of copier.
Your copier can only be used while a valid card is inserted into the Cartadis TCP2.
The vending value is debited from the RFID or chip card in money or unit (copy) each time a copy is done.

The Cartadis TCP2 benefits

  • Simple to use
  • Small and cost-effective system.
  • Accepts contactless cards of Mifare type (in option).

The cards and compatible units

  • Cartadis TCP2 cards are credit-card sized including an electronic chip and are reloadable.
  • In option, Cartadis TCP2 may run with contactless cards of ‘’ Mifare ‘’ type.
  • These cards are supplied blank and need to be recorded with a value before use on the Cartadis TCP2.
  • A card can be revalued and reused many times.
  • A special MASTER card gives access to a program menu for adjustment of prices, copier parameters and card recording. For control purposes, statistics can be displayed with this card.
Cartadis - Card reader for photocopiers - card tcp2

To cope with chip cards compatibility on a same site or unacceptance of chip cards for different sites, three group numbers are stored in the Cartadis TCP2.
Any Cartadis TCP2 units may be programmed, via their MASTER card, to accept chip cards recorded on any unit from a same group.

  • Power supply: 24 V DC from the copier or external PSU
  • Weight: 0.4 kg
  • Dimensions: L 140 mm; W 90 mm; H 38 mm.
  • Display: backlighted LCD.
  • Chip card: high scale integrated.
  • Option: card reader for combined use of chip and contactless “Mifare” cards.