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Cards reader for vending machines

Cards reader for vending machines
Cards reader for vending machines

Cards reader for vending machines


The Cartadis TDA2 and Cartadis TDA3 are payment solutions with magnetic, chip and contacless cards for vending machines thereby reducing the problems associated with handling coins. Simple to use, they are compatible with most vending machines and can be used with or without coin mechanism. They may also be associated with Cartadis CR2, CR3 or Cartadis CD20 for the sale or cards reload. The cartadis accessories TDA2 / TDA3 are made to manage payment solutions using magnetic cards, chip cards or contactless card for vending machines.

Technical sheet

The Cartadis TDA3 is a cards reader for vending machines. It read chip or contactless cards suitable for most of the vending machines, Executive or MDB.
By using the TDA3 as payment system for your vending machines, you are decreasing problems linked to coin handlings: vandalism, cash collection, counting …
The TDA3 runs with chip cards featuring a very high safety level at a low cost. The unit is of small size and can be installed on the front side of the vending machine by simply drilling 5 holes without any cut.

The TDA3 benefits for your daily uses

  • A wide range of compatible equipments.
  • Reliable and robust unit.
  • A use of the vending machine with or without coin mechanism.
  • Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and staff category subsidies may be featured

The cards

The cards are credit-card sized and are supplied blank. They need to be recorded in currency or points before use on the Cartadis TDA3.

Chip cards:

  • The chip cards allow you to charge either for currency or points. Buying any product causes the
Private chip cards
  • The TDA3 may also run with contactless cards of Mifare type.


The Cartadis TDA3, in its Mifare version, is a part of equipments that match the needs of your customers by using a single card for controlling automatic dispensers of drinks or dry products, copiers, automate of cards reloading, canteens…

Compatible units

Cards reloading may be achieved directly on the TDA3 (with the Administration card), from the coin changer of the vending machine (if there is one).
Cards selling may be automated by means of the automatic dispenser CD7.

  • Power supply: 24V – 1A
  • Dimensions: L 140mm ; l 90mm ; H 38mm
  • Weight: 0,25Kg
  • 16 characters LED display
  • 2 Executive links (one to the VM, the other to the coin changer)
  • 1 parallel link including a 12V power supply to a coin acceptor
  • Serial link to a banknote reader
  • OPTION: card reader for combined use (chip and contactless Mifare cards).