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Magnetic card reader for copiers

Cartadis - Magnetic card reader for copiers - TC11N 1
Cartadis - Magnetic card reader for copiers - TC11N 2
Cartadis - Magnetic card reader for copiers - TC11N 1
Cartadis - Magnetic card reader for copiers - TC11N 2

Magnetic card reader for copiers


The magnetic card reader TC11N is a debit card system compatible with all copiers. Each copy made is debited from the card. When the card is empty the device is bloqued.
An Administrator Card can change the programming of the copier tariff and loads the cards in the desired value for resale statistics. The TC11N is particularly suited to retail environments such as libraries or copy services.

Technical sheet

The Cartadis TC11N is a card reader designed for being connected to any make of copiers. Users in the possession of prepaid cards can make copies up to the limit of the value available on their card.

The Cartadis TC11N benefits

Libraries, Schools:

Libraries often propose self-service copy. The cost of copies for users is provided with a simple and practical way of payment. The Cartadis debit cards are ideal. They are first recorded with copies or currency and sold by automatic dispensers or at a counter on the site. The owners of such cards will use freely the copiers or any other unit fitted with Cartadis units.

Copy shops:

Cartadis debit cards lead to your customers’ loyalty by giving a modern appearance to your installation.


Cartadis debit cards can be considered as a budget for copies. This budget can be managed the same way you are using for managing your office supplies or other.

The cards and compatible units

The Cartadis TC11N cards are credit-card sized featuring the high coercivity magnetic technology for safety and reliability purposes. Two types are available:

  • reloadable cards
  • disposable cards (not reloadable)

Both cards are supplied blank and need to be recorded before use on the Cartadis TC11N. A
reloadable card can be revalued and reused several times while a disposable card can be loaded only once.

A special “administration” card is intended for the person in charge of the copier, it enables to both programm cards and access to the Cartadis TC11N functionalities.

tc11n cards

For a nonstop site management without requiring staff, the DRC9 autonomous dispenser/reloader enables reloadable cards to be sold or the CD6 dispenser enables disposable cards to be sold.

automatic dispenser of cards

Autonomous dispenser / reloader of magnetic cards for the payment of copies and printings


According to the Cartadis DRC9 chosen, magnetic reloadable Cartadis cards can be sold and reloaded against coin and/or banknote in…

  • Power supply: 24 V DC, 1A.
  • Dimensions: L 100 x H 90 x P 180 mm.
  • Weight: 1 kg.
  • 16 characters LED display.