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Magnetic card reader for print management

Magnetic card reader for print
Magnetic card reader for print

Magnetic card reader for print management


Cartadis TCRS magnetic card reader for print connected to a payment station enables the payment by using a Cartadis magnetic card.
The TCRS can be used with the Gespage copy and print management solution.

Technical sheet

Cartadis TCRS key functions

  • Compatible with your terminals (TC11N, TC4N), dispensers – reloaders (DRC9, CD6) and the reloadable – disposable Cartadis magnetic cards already in use.
  • Online functioning with Gespage print management solution.
  • Locking of the prints in case of insufficient credit.
  • Compatible with local printers (USB), networks and MFPs for the payment of prints.
  • Fully autonomous functioning for the users with the Cartadis DRC9 dispenser/reloader (card selling and reloading).
  • Runs with a payment station (computer or cPad-Pay).

TCRS: added value device

The TCRS terminal combined with the Gespage solution enables print management as well as payment with the Cartadis magnetic cards. The user selects his prints (after authentication or not) on the payment station and releases them by inserting the card into the TCRS reader.

Gespage - Magnetic card reader for print
  • With Gespage, management of access rights, users, issue of reports….
  • Authentication on the payment station by login and password, code, Cartadis reloadable magnetic card.
  • Secure and on request printing with authentication and selection of pending prints on the payment station.
  • Possibility of jointly using a Gespage credit and the credit of the magnetic card. This allows in school and university environments to propose a free quota and then to pay for additional prints.
  • The 2 credits are displayed when the card is inserted and Gespage credit is the first to be used.
  • Power supply: 24V 1A.
  • Reader dimensions: 100mm x 90 mm x 180mm.
  • 2 lines LCD display.
  • Weight: 1 kg.