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Reader of MIFARE® contactless cards for high-pressure

Reader of MIFARE® contactless cards for high-pressure


Reader of MIFARE® contactless cards for high-pressure, vacuum terminals and any equipment fitted with a coin mechanism

Technical sheet

Cartadis TCM2-CSHP is a reader of mifare contactless cards using the purse featured on CARTADIS contactless cards.

Fitted on a High-pressure terminal:
Each user can pay by just touching the reader with his card to increment the counter of the highpressure terminal. It is also possible to let the subscription card on the reader, the credit will be debited at the end of a timeout.

TCM2-CSHP is configured by using a PC to set the selling prices of services.

The benefits of Cartadis TCM2-CSHP for your customers

  • Modern and rewarding equipment, MIFARE card payment also saves time in front of the machine.
  • MIFARE card may be written with units or currency.
  • MIFARE card is debited of a fixed amount at every touch on the reader.

TCM2-CSHP: Kit for improving terminals already in use:

  • MIFARE card can be used in purse mode on all equipment featuring a coin-interface of the NRIG13 or Comestero RM5 type.

TCM-2CSHP: Kit for improving terminals already in use reader of mifare
  • The CCI interface (photo above) enables the coin mechanism and sends a number of pulses adjustable. These pulses simulate one or more insertions of coins.
  • This kit improves your installations ensuring a loyalty of the site by means of contactless cards.
  • Cards must be of the CARTADIS purse type.
  • Fitted with indicators and a buzzer for power-on and reading.
  • The interface runs up to 5cm (according to the transponder).
  • Dimensions of the TCM2-CSHP: L = 90 mm ; D = 35 mm ; h = 30 mm ; Weight = 180 Gr.
  • Dimensions of the CCI interface: L = 100 mm ; D = 30 mm ; h = 100 mm ; Weight = 70 Gr.
  • Power supply: 24Vdc 100mA via the coin power