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RFID cards reader including the NFC

Cartadis - RFID cards reader including the NFC - TCM3
Cartadis - RFID cards reader including the NFC - TCM3

RFID cards reader including the NFC


Mifare® or 125 khz card reader.
Connectable to cPad, or Embedded terminals.

Technical sheet

With its small size and unique design, the Cartadis TCM3 is a RFID cards reader of contactless or proximity cards.
This reader is single frequency and has been optimised for the management of 13.56 Mhz or 125 Khz MiFare technologies. By default, they emulate a USB keyboard and therefore do not require driver setup on Windows PCs.

Application fields

Secured print: direct connection to the USB port of many multifunctions for identifying the user and release the prints (with Print2me function available) or making copies.
Option for the Cartadis cPad terminal: Integrated into the designed shape of the cPad, the TCM3 enables the user to be identified by using a card with a solution like Gespage, PaperCut, etc …
PC applications: RFID tag entry, enrolment of a user’s card in a database, secured access to some applications …
Point of sale: connection to the cash registers for loyalty management.
OEM: Cartadis assists its customers by providing a customization service of the TCM3 readers on the management of the specific RFID cards or USB protocols.


These applications are only compatible with the Mifare version of the TCM3.

Identification using an Android or iOS smartphone is possible using the CartadisID application available for free on the stores.
This application allows you to select NFC and/or Bluetooth technology, click and/or contact identification.
Identification on iOS and click mode requires the Bluetooth option.

The TCMxManager configuration application supplied as standard allows you to very easily install the TCM3s, modify all the parameters and apply transformation filters for card identifiers.
TCMxManager runs on Android.

TCM3: Application fields

Cartadis - RFID cards reader Multi Frequency - application fields
  • Identification with the NFC of an Android smartphone can be performed using the CartadisID application available for free on the store.
  • The USB communication may be set, depending on the choice, in keyboard HID protocol or CCID.
  • A configuration tool, standard supplied, enables transformation filters of the card identifiers to be installed.
Explication application
Explication application

The TCM3 is available in the three versions:

Compatibility with cards for each TCM3 model (partial list):

TCM3-Mifare (13.56 MHz)

  • ISO14443-A: MIFARE (Classic, DESFire, A ATQA, Plus S, X, Pro X, Smart MX, Ultralight…), LEGIC Advant, HID iCLASS SEOS.
  • ISO18092: NFC, Sony FeliCa.
  • ISO15693: LEGIC Advant (UID essentially) – Cartadis ID.
  • HID USB Keyboard or CCID protocol.

TCM3-125 (125kHz/134.2kHz)

  • EM4100, EM4102, EM4105, EM4200, EM4305, FDX-B, StartProx, Hitag 1&2, Indala, Biphase, Nedap, Pyramid.

TCM3-HID (125kHz/134.2kHz)

  • HID DuoProx II, HID ISO Prox II, HID Micro Prox, HID ProxKey III, HID Prox, HID Prox II.
  • Fitted with Led light indicators and a buzzer for power-on and reading.
  • The interface operates up to 10cm (according to the transponder).
  • Dimensions: L = 80 mm; H = 50 mm; Depth = 15 mm; Weight = 50 g.

RFID Cards compatibilities