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Self-service payment terminal for the sale of copies and prints.

Self-service payment terminal for the sale of copies and prints.


The CMprint is a self-service payment kiosk that allows you to pay for prints and copies with cash or credit card. Designed to be connected to all brands of multifunctional copiers, the CMprint is the optimal solution for self-service print and copy sales.

Technical sheet
Optional features

Users do not need to create an account to use the copy and print services.

USB printing:
The USB port allows printing PDF files from a USB key, with file and page selection from the CMprint screen.

Easy to install:
With its small size (H: 415mm; W: 120mm), the CMprint can be positioned in different ways (wall-mounted, tabletop or on an optional stand).

The CMprint is designed to be connected to all brands of MFPs and printers and is suitable for all types of service providers: libraries, universities, administrations, supermarkets, reprographers, hotels…

  • Sheet metal on stand
  • Height: 415mm (stand: 520mm)
  • Width: 120mm (stand: 120mm)
  • Depth: 215mm (stand: 215mm)
  • Weight: 8kg ( stand: 6.3kg)
  • Total size with stand: 940mm
  • Coin mechanism
  • Contactless bank card reader

Cover of the box
The lockable cover allows the box to be locked with a key. The staff in charge of collecting the box will only exchange the boxes without having access to the money.

The CMprint’s stand is an optional equipment that allows it to be installed in the best conditions. Thanks to this independent equipment, the technician will have an easier installation as well as a better accessibility for the maintenance.

Bank card
Payment by credit card is available via a contactless reader.

The user sends his documents by e-mail and receives a print code in return. The user types in the print code on the CMprint and is prompted to select his print settings and pay by cash or credit card.