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Modular terminal of payment for Carwash Gantry

terminal of payment for Carwash Gantry
terminal of payment for Carwash Gantry

Modular terminal of payment for Carwash Gantry


Modular system:
Configuration of the payment modes, compatible with all carwash gantries, customer loyalty with the subscription card, card dispensing in option, token dispensing in option
Modes of payment:
– Coins
– Tokens
– Banknotes
– RFID provate cards

Technical sheet

Modular system

  • Configuration of the modes of payments
  • Compatible with all carwash gantries
  • Customer loyalty with the subscription card
  • Card dispensing in option
  • Token dispensing in option
  • WashAdmin compatible (remote monitoring of your station)
TL12 terminal of payment for Carwash Gantry

Modular system

  • Credit cards
  • Coins
  • Tokens
  • Banknotes
  • RFID privative cards
  • Washes with code
  • Smartphone

More services

Featuring a worthwhile design, the TL12 terminal of payment for Carwash Gantry provides pay-per-view services and payment modes. It is used for controlling a wash gantry and selling unit or subscription washes in self-service.

It also enables token dispensing and subscription card selling.

Wash services

The unit wash

  • Payment by coins or tokens, upon pre-receipt (the customer can recover his money if his wash has not been launched).
  • Payment by code: the customer buys a code from the shop on the TLC6 terminal then enters it on the TL12 gantry.
  • Payment by credit card: whatever the terminal is networked or isolated, the registered bank terminal performs the secured transaction before launching the wash. A printer issues a receipt ticket of the credit card payment

The subscription wash

  • The MIFARE technology of contactless card is used for managing an electronic purse of wash. The card is initially recorded with a wash credit, it is then deducted once the wash has been launched.

Token dispensing

Win customer loyalty with tokens

  • The tokens dispensed are used to pay for the services of gantry washing, high pressure or vacuum. 2 types of tokens may be dispensed by means of two hoppers. An anti-lock system of tokens ensures a reliable and lasting distribution.

Subscription card dispensing

Win customer loyalty with cards

  • It can also dispense subscription cards loaded with a value when they are dispensed (no stock of preloaded cards and value loading of the card on request).

Win customer loyalty with cards:

  • Dimensions: H158 x D40 x W48 cm.
  • Weight: about 70 Kg according to the options
  • Power supply: 230V AC, 100W
  • 7-inch colour graphic display, waterproof keyboard with capacitive keys.

3 hopper models for token dispensing:

  • 19 to 26,4 mm (standard)
  • 16,25 to 20,9 mm (optional).
  • 21 to 30 mm (optional).


  • Credit card banking contract.
  • Subscription to a payment gateway (with or without phone service).