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TCM4, The smartest solution to authenticate!

The Cartadis TCM4 is a small-sized reader of multi-frequency contactless cards. They are used to authenticating on copiers and are compatible with most of the cards on the market in 13.56 MHz or 125 KHz technologies.

By default, they emulate an USB keyboard and therefore do not require driver setup on Window PCs and MFPs.

The TCM4 offers a Bluetooth option.

Application fields

Secured print: direct connection to the USB port of many multifunction for identifying the user and release the prints (with Print2me function available) or making copies.

Option for the Cartadis cPad terminal: integrated into the designed shape of the cPad, the TCM4 enables the user to be identified by using a card with a solution like Gespage, performing print management within an organization.

PC applications: RFID tag entry, enrollment of a user’s card in a database, secured access to some applications.

Point of sale: connection to cash registers for loyalty management.

OEM: Cartadis assists its customers by providing a customization service of the TCM4 readers on the management of the specific RFID cards or USB protocols.

Mobile applications

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The TCM4 is compatible with CartadisID, our new application, which allows you to authenticate on a copier equipped with our card reader using your mobile.

The app is available on iOS or Android.

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The TCM4 works with TCMxManager, the application for technicians that allows you to configure and analyze a card reader directly on your phone.